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Preface to the book:

You need to think of your life as a business.  

Because it is a business—“The (insert your name here) Company.”   It is this business that is going to determine how well you live while you are working, and how well you are going to live after you stop working.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffet once said, “Never invest in a business you cannot understand.” You need to understand how your finances work, and how you can effectively manage them and take control. You need to understand what you need to do to be extremely successful.  And you need to understand who and what is getting in your way.

In this book, you are going to learn:

•How to be your own primary financial advisor

•How to make the best financial decisions, independent of advertising

•How to make plans to reach your goals

•How to evaluate financial choices

•How to understand your options, and the products are offered to you

•How to seek out the best solutions for yourself

You are also going to learn something no other finance book will teach you:

•How to evaluate people who are trying to sell you something

•How to be the most successful person you can be

The goal is for you to become more successful than your parents and peers, and live a better life.

You are trying to figure out how to wisely

and safely grow your money.

You are frustrated trying to get good advice. Some people say they want to help you, but they really want to help themselves to your money. Marketers present what appears to be neutral advice, but it is really biased advertising. Television “entertainers” pretend to be advisors in order to build their own following, often by spreading bad information.

We live in a world where marketers use psychological tools to penetrate your natural defenses.

Your best strategy is to understand what you buy, and why you buy. Your best strategy is to be educated.

I wrote this book so my I can share my learning, so that my children will learn, and so that my clients will have the basic information they need to make intelligent financial decisions based on a good understanding of their own needs and the tools available to them.

I became part of this industry because I was disappointed with the financial and insurance advice I got, and I because I am ethical, knowledgeable, and caring. I do not work for an insurance company. I am independent and work with my clients’ best interests at heart.

I have been involved in over 30 businesses in 45 years, most often as owner and entrepreneur. I’ve learned how important realistic planning is.

I became a professional mentor because I realized just how much people can benefit from my experiences - business and personal.

I write to teach, I sell insurance to make a living, and to make sure people get the right products for themselves. I mentor people to help them better develop their business skills and acumen. But most importantly, I mentor and advise people to help them draw out the best in themselves, so they can succeed, think independently, and make good choices.


Financial Fitne$$ For Everyone 

Important knowledge for acquiring peace of mind and crucial advice about your financial future.


An unbiased explanation of what every adult of every age needs to know in order to make decisions to be financially fit. An inside look into the insurance and finance industries, and information on how to navigate your way, including how to select advisors and products that benefit you the most, pitfalls to avoid, and how to make informed decisions. Must reading for every new adult, and important info for anyone making decisions about their financial future, at any age.